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Providing service providers a testing ground for new NFV concepts and use cases, evaluating operational implications with our partners.

SMART and OPEN 5G network operations

Acceleration 5G transformation

Amdocs’ 5G solution portfolio addresses all aspects of the service provider’s needs throughout their 5G network transformation. Together with our ecosystem partners we enable mobile network operators to OPEN their network to its full potential with SMART, modular, ecosystem, cloud & standards-based solutions. Here are few joint solutions examples that eliminate barriers to speed up launches, automate operations, and streamline innovation.

End-to-End 5G network services orchestration

Amdocs, Intel, Mavenir, Wind River and Radisys have partnered to develop pre-integrated, commercially-available components based on the Intel 5G infrastructure reference design blueprint. These form a fully integrated solution comprising the virtualization platform, vRAN radio and vBBU elements, vEPC, server hardware and Amdocs NFV powered by ONAP.

Orchestrating Open Source, SD-WAN and 5G to deliver user intent

Amdocs partnered with AT&T, Fujitsu and IoMetrix for a live PoC at MEF18, demonstrating delivery of intent-based networks and services, integrating multiple partners and technology domains. The PoC showcase automated end-to-end services activation and delivery over 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) link provided by Fujitsu.

vRAN: The Next Step in Network Transformation

Amdocs, Altiostar, Dell EMC, and Wind River have joined forces to create a pre-integrated solution that CSPs can deploy today for extending the benefits of NFV from the core network to the RAN. Virtualized RAN is the optimal solution for cost-efficiently increasing capacity, reducing costs, and creating new services.

Amdocs Altiostar Dell EMC Wind

Orchestrating service assurance for 5G FWA service rollout and operations

Watch this webinar to learn how Amdocs and EXFO partnered to support highly automated service activation, operations and assurance for supporting emerging 5G services such as Fixed Wireless Access.

Amdocs Exfo

Software-defined Virtual Central Office for next generation mobile services

Amdocs NFV platform is part of Red Hat VCO 2.0 blueprint for modernizing telecommunications operations at the network edge via an open, software-defined infrastructure platform. Service providers can readily slot Red Hat’s portfolio of open standards-based products as well as technologies from Red Hat robust ecosystem of certified partners into this pluggable framework.

Amdocs Redhat

Virtual Mobile Core (vIMS) and Enterprise Voice Recording

Automatic end-to-end fulfillment of a call recording service triggered by a customer order via a self-service portal. The sizing of the IMS core network is automatically calculated according to the specific order parameters.